1D – Beautiful Pandawa Tour

(Nusa Dua Waterblow - Tanjung benoa - GWK- lunch- PANDAWA beach - Monumen Ground Zero Bali legian - Jimbaran dinner)

Tour Description :

# 1 Water Blow Nusa Dua
Water blow nusa dua, located in BTDC nusa area two Waterblow famous for the beauty of the momet of high sea waves that bite the batukarang so there is a high water splashes and often perpetuated by tourists to take pictures ...
First enter the water blow area you will see the gate and it says Water bldow and a stone carving containing the prohibition of prohibitions that should not be done in this place such as swimming, slippery rocks, dangerous waves, and others ..

# 2 Tanjung Benoa Water Sport
Tanjung Benoa beach to be one of the busiest tourist destinations travel bali, famous because going along the coast will see many game play water sports, such as banana boat, flying fish, sea Waler, fly board, parasaling, jet ski and much more ..

# 3 Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK)
Garuda Wisnu Kencana is one of the attractions located in the famous hill will jimbarn Garuda Sculpture And Statue of Lord Vishnu, this statue is still in progress .. although still in the process does not reduce the interest of tourists to visit this attraction ..
In addition to the statue of Garuda and Vishnu famous GWK bali also famous arrangement of garden themed Bukit white stones which formed almost resembles labirim has high walls, here the tourists can enjoy some Balinese dance performances like barong dance, tai Joged, and a series of performances meleladan Bali ..Disni travelers also can watch the animated film in the studio was just below the statue of Lord Vishnu booth .. this animated film tells the story of struggle Garuda little Yang volunteered to be the vehicle of Lord Vishnu fatherly save his mother from slavery Agreement by Satan.

* After you have finished your tour at GWK you will be having lunch at HOME Restaurant

# 4 Visiting Pura uluwatu
Uluwatu temple is located in the district of Badung district kuta, Become one of the famous objects in bali that is located on the cliff edge of the sea that lost .... High waves crashing into the rock will add to the beauty of the temple of Uluwatu ,, here too there are many wild monkeys tame ape .. we suggest you be careful wearing accessories and luggage for the monkey be as thief which will instantly take luggage you like hats, bracelets, necklaces, eyeglasses etc. are easy to take ...

# 5 visit monument ground zero legian kuta
Bali bombing monument that is located in the Legian Kuta Bali, this monument was built in memory of the people who are grieving as a result of bomb blast on October 12, 2002. ... besides views of history are not forgotten by tourists and the people of Bali, this monument is also often used to take pictures by tourists visiting bali ..

*Dinner at Jimbaran Beach Bali

Regular Price :

  • 1- 5 Pax = 550k / Pax
  • 6 – 9 Pax = 750k/ Pax
  • 10 – 13 Pax = 850k/ Pax
  • 14 – 16 Pax = 1100k / Pax
  • 18 – 25 Pax = 1800k / Pax

Including :

  • Car / Minibus / Bus
  • Professional Driver
  • Petrol
  • Parking
  • Highway Ticket

Excluding :

  • Entrance Ticket
  • Lunch
  • Ticket attraction

NB: Tour can be request include with hotel or plane ticket, with cheap price because we have cooperate with all airlines and hotel hotel in indonesia and abroad with price under publishing price.

Exclusive Price :

  • 1 Pax = 810 k / Pax
  • 2 Pax = 610 k / Pax
  • 3 Pax = 560 k/ Pax
  • 4 Pax = 540 k / Pax
  • 5 Pax = 510 k / Pax
  • 6 Pax = 490 k / Pax
  • 7 Pax = 465 k / Pax
  • 8 Pax = 450 k / Pax
  • 9 Pax = 430 k / Pax
  • 10 Pax = 415 k / Pax
  • 11 Pax= 365 k / Pax
  • 12 Pax = 355 k / Pax

Including :

  • Entrace Ticket
  • Lunch at Best Restaurant
  • Dinner at Best Seafood Restaurant Jimbaran
  • Car, Bus / Mini Bus
  • Professional Driver
  • Petrol
  • Parking tickets
  • Highway Tickets

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