Banah Beach

If you are a lover of coastal tourism in Bali, then the beauty is not enough just in Kuta beach, Pandawa, Dreamland or Sanur. There are still many spectacular places that have not been touched and not yet known to many people become the destination of the next tour. Its place on the island of Nusa Penida, the largest island outside the main plains of Bali island, offers many natural beaches beautiful beaches, one of them named the beach of Banah. If traveling from Bali to visit this tourist attraction in Nusa Penida, need a fast boat or transportation in the form of speed boat or fast boat. Nusa Penida Island with its geographical condition which includes limestone hills and steep cliffs and directly adjacent to the sea, makes it look more special, some places that favor the beauty of the cliffs are the beaches Kelingking, Atuh beach, Pulau Seribu including also the beach of Banah. Moreover, the unique view of the cliffs at Banah beach with a translucent hole at the bottom of the cliff hill, making it very iconic and very easy to recognize. For the tour agenda in Nusa Penida, the beach attractions of Banah must be visited. If you notice this place does not have a beach, because the cliffs that surround this area directly adjacent to the sea, you are quite satisfied to see the natural beauty of the beach of Banah from the top of the cliff hill, not to relax by the beach, but enjoyed from a distance over the cliff. Unless you are traveling here with the purpose of diving or snorkeling, it is necessary to ship to access the places below the cliff. What is the charm of this beach of Banah, a blend of hillside cliffs with wide-ranging sea views, and a small hill known as the Banah cliff in the middle of the beach, the bottom of a hollow cliff, looks very beautiful, unique and iconic. On the surface of the small hill is overgrown with grass and trees shrubs, the cliff is unspoiled, beautiful and beautiful to be enjoyed from a distance. The natural scenery is certainly a very prima donna for those fans of nature beach tourism or those who like to hunt where the photos selfie. The cliff of Banah that stood firmly in the middle of the sea, blend harmoniously with the natural blue sea, in this place sometimes appear Manta stingray that clearly visible swimming, because the sea water is clear, this place one manta point serve as a diving or dive destination in Nusa Penida, because the beauty of coral reefs are also very interesting to enjoy. Banah Beach or Banah Beach, a popular tourist destination in Nusa Penida, can be a new recreation place for tourists who visit Nusa Penida, even for local residents. Banah Beach is located on the southern island of Nusa Penida, if you visit this attraction in the morning, you can see the natural beauty of sunrise, even in the afternoon visitors can enjoy the sun sinking in the horizon of the West. A visit to the beach of Banah is more suitable for those lovers of adventure nature tourism, and also for adults, the absence of limits on the steep cliffs would certainly be quite dangerous for children. Early morning photographi lovers or selfie tour enthusiasts, Banah beach can be your next destination in Nusa Penida. Address of Banah beach in Dususn Salak, Banjar Batumadeg, Nusa Penida, Bali. Access to attractions in Nusa Penida is from the port of Buyuk can be by motor vehicle, either rent a motorcycle near the airport or rent a car plus driver, Bali Tours Club has the best partners in the region that can help for car rental or tour. Distance from Buyuk port to Banah beach about 60 minutes drive. The main mode of transportation to Nusa Penida is Roro Jaya Abadi ship that departs from Padang Bai port, from here you can take the vehicle either motorcycle or car. In addition, a number of other entrances to Nusa Penida can be through the jetty of Sanur, Kusamba and Pesinggahan beaches by speedboats or speedboats.


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