Kintamani Penelokan tourist attraction Bali is one of the international class tourist attraction in the island of Bali is very popular and busy visited by tourists both in and out of the country and natural characteristics have a typical cool mountain air. Kintamani natural attractions are located in Bangli district, Bali. In Kintamani natural attractions you can see the panorama of the beauty of the valley, Mount Batur and Lake Batur is very beautiful capable of amaze the visitors. Along the way penyelokan Kintamani tourist attraction there are also many restaurants that serve a variety of delicious and delicious food. Natural attractions Kintamani is located in District Kintamani, Bangli regency, Bali. Bangli Regency is mounted + 400 meters from sea level. If from the city of Denpasar Bali, you will travel approximately 2 hours drive by motor vehicle, or about 79.9 Km from Ngurah Rai Airport.What is the attraction ?? may be a question pal. The beauty and all the good attractions Kintamani attractions is an attraction for you. Various natural attractions can be found here, including the natural scenery of Mount Batur and stunning panorama of Lake Batur. Relaxing with your beloved family looking at the natural beauty of Kintamani while enjoying a variety of delicious dishes is also an unforgettable attraction. On the sidelines of time relaxed, my friend can also capture all the exciting activities while in Kintamani by taking pictures of selfie background of Mount and Lake Batur from a height.


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