Hidden Green Canyon Undisan

Bangli is the only district with no beach in Bali. In the tourist map includes the area of ​​central Bali. However, this district has many popular tourist attractions such as Kintamani, Pegglipuran and Trunyan villages, but not only in this area a number of new and contemporary attractions are also emerging among the Pavilion Tukad Melangit and Twin Hill Bangli, and now the region offers hidden sights such as Hidden Green Canyon Tangkup all these places presents a special sensation, let alone those who like selfie tours. Enjoy the natural beauty as presented in Hidden Green Canyon Tangkup add to the list of tourist attractions other than the beach in Bali, especially those who like anti-mainstream place then this place will be your next tour agenda in Bali, how not, as the name suggests Hidden Green Canyon offers cliff- beautiful green cliffs, green cliff is overgrown by moss, looks so beautiful to look natural, special and unique.
Hidden Green Canyon Undisan Bali
Perhaps you have heard or adventured in Hidden Canyon Beji Guwang both places are presenting the hidden nature among the river cliffs, but both offer different charms. The view of green cliffs at Hidden Green Canyon Tangkup can cure your longing for the hidden, beautiful and still rarely visited natural beauty, a place suitable for adventure, adding to your new experience. Especially if you hobby will photo hunting in Bali, then a place that is still rarely visited by your tourists worthy of your next hunting destination, an instagramable tourist attraction in Bali.Yang interesting enough near Hidden Green Canyon Tangkup there is also another offer that is the view of a waterfall a very beautiful, still virgin and untouched, what this region has to offer a new tourist destination that makes your adventure more impressed. Hidden Green Canyon Tangkup looks fantastic with green cliffs that you can not find anywhere else in Bali. By the local residents of the cliff area is sacred, so visitors need to maintain ethics and courtesy here. The green cliffs at Tukad Tangkup Undiri BangliHidden Green Canyon are located on the river Tangkup Undisan Kelod village, Tembuku subdistrict, Bangli regency. The beautiful curves of green cliffs in Undisan village are seen as breathtaking natural carvings, as well as the rivers that divide between the green cliffs and the rocks around the river blend in well, adding to the charm offered. Although the existence of this place is long enough, but only known by adventure lovers, so potentially complete the list of the latest attractions in Bangli. Undisan village itself becomes one of the tourist village in Bali. This village is not less interesting with neighboring Penglipuran village, a comfortable and beautiful rural atmosphere and a number of attractions are served combined with a strong local culture, making you will be more familiar with the real nature of Bali and stay here for long. If you have more time you can feel mixed with the community like plowing rice fields and streets or cycling around a bike ride. Tangkup waterfall or waterfall Tangkup 25 meters high is your next adventure destination after enjoying enjoying the Hidden Green Canyon, to find the waterfall you have to continue the journey again, down the path, the terrain is quite steep, so need to prepare the stamina to enjoy the beauty , along the way you are treated also beautiful scenery of rice fields. For those who like adventure tours of course trekking activity in the nature of Undisan village is not much compared to the sensations and natural beauty that you can enjoy. As a tourist village, in the village of Undisan there are also a number of lodgings or hotels where you stay, so if you want to get closer to the culture and rural nature of Bali away from the urban hustle and bustle, you can schedule a holiday to the village of Undisan. Tembuku sub-district not only offers the beauty of green cliffs and Tangkup waterfall in Undisan village only, but Tembuku has other natural scenery to be proud of such as Tukad Melangit Pavilion in Banjar Antugan, Jehem, Tukad Cepung waterfall and Lembunan Valley which offers natural landscape of rice fields. Access to Hidden Green Canyon Tangkup, quite difficult path facilities as well as the steps of the ground is made up of bamboo-bamboo barrier as a holding place for visitors, the streets are also quite steep so need to be careful especially during the rainy season. The distance from Denpasar is about 42 km, while the distance from the capital Bangli about 9 km towards the road towards Besakih or to Rendang.


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